Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

Raising hogs is hard work. Here’s a rundown of some items that can make the job easier.


1.Feeder cleaning rod

Clear caked feed from trough openings with this 34-inch long cleaning rod. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum with a vinyl foam grip to prevent slipping.  2090561900


2. Bin Stik Jr.

Probably the handiest tool ever devised for checking feed levels, the Bin Stik Jr. is 3-foot 8-inches tall and fits easily behind a pickup seat but extends to a full 15 feet. Just tap or run the ball down the bin side to detect the feed level.   HS818


3. EZ Slide Opener

If you are tired of crawling through the bin bracing to open or close a stubborn feed slide, then you will appreciate this item. The opener mounts to the concrete pad and allows you to activate the slide while standing.   8130701100


4. Feed Bin Hopper Valve

This add-on accessory permits access to a bin’s contents without running the feed auger. This is a great tool for filling buckets or carts and emptying bins at closeouts.



5. Tong Stik

Heavy cast aluminum construction with spring-loaded grapple jaw makes this pickup tool strong enough for farm use. Pick from two sizes, 36-inches (HS549-36) and 30-inches long (HS549-30).


6. Smoke Emitters

You will do a better job of operating your building’s ventilation system when you understand how and where the air is going. These non-toxic smoke sticks help you identify the air patterns in your buildings. Easy to use cartridges emit a generous amount of white smoke. REG102


7. Tools to measure the environment

You’ve heard it said, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” This basic unit from Kestrel (KESTREL1000) measures wind speed to fine-tune tunnel ventilation systems. Wind speeds lower than expected alert you to look for restricted air inlet or underperforming fans. Don’t guess at floor temperatures; use this economy infrared thermometer (IRT207) to know the exact temperature under heat lamps or brooders without touching the surfaces.


8. Rescue Tape

Make emergency repairs on feed and water lines until you have time for a more permanent solution. This self-fusing silicone tape is waterproof and airtight.  RT1001


9. Laser Fan Pulley Alignment Kit

Reduce pulley and belt wear by mounting fan pulleys in perfect alignment. Position the laser pointer in one of the pulley grooves and adjust the target pulley on the shaft until it lines up. The kit includes a pulley groove gauge to check wear and comes packaged in a plastic storage case. HS783