Hog Equipment
and Facilities HQ


Production facilities represent the single largest capital investment in your hog operation.

The information found in Hog Equipment and Facilities HQ alerts producers to current trends in buildings and equipment design. The site also contains practical maintenance tips and reminders to keep existing equipment functioning at its very best.


Hog Slat Inc. has teamed up with Vanberg Specialized Coatings and Altenburg Construction to create a working guide for swine producers covering the repair and replacement of concrete slats. Download your free copy of The Field Guide to Slat Repair and Replacement.

Stanchion systems provide an effective solution for group housing that is easily adaptable for the animals and caretakers transitioning from traditional gestation stall housing. Get practical information on stanchions by downloading your free copy of The Stanchion Handbook.

Hand feeding sows in lactation can be extremely difficult skill to perfect. The SowMAX Handbook describes a method of ad-lib feeding sows in farrowing to reduce labor and increase feed intake.